Warehouse relocation

If you need to transport your warehouse to a new location, WELL PACK is the ideal choice to handle the dismantling, reinstallation, and logistics of your pallet rack, shelving and other equipment. Warehouse relocation services are a monumental task that requires deep knowledge and professional (industrial) movers, drivers and managers

WELL PACK’s warehouse moving services will save you time and money while keeping everything safe. With our four-step process, your move will be a breeze.

The main stages of the warehouse moving service:

  • Planning logistics;
  • Tearing down and packing;
  • Moving;

Our design teams know how to create the perfect layout for your warehouse. Layout is one of the most important factors in a warehouse. The right layout will improve productivity and safety, optimize efficiency, and save you money.

We move furniture, heavy equipment, wholesale warehouses, dealerships, manufacturing plants, digital equipment, sports equipment, warehouse shelves and much more. At the same time, we will help you sort, clean, remove the labels, make light repairs, assemble goods from disassembled elements, pack things in a variety of packaging and many other services for your business.


Reduce the cost and time for transportation for you

Clear structuring and planning of moving services for you

Eco-friendly delivery, storage and cleaning
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