Packaging Services

At WELL PACK, we offer a wide range of packaging options for any item, including fragile art and electronics. Our materials include bubble liner, foam wrap, foil, and corrugated paper packaging.

Our innovative packaging solutions are recyclable. Also, these solutions can provide maximum protection for your valuable shipments.

We offer more than 20 standard box sizes, plus custom boxing for uniquely shaped items:

  • Adhesive tapes,
  • Special adhesive tapes,
  • Printed packaging tapes,
  • Paper edge protectors,
  • Cardboard articles,
  • Paper tubes,
  • LDPE/HDPE foil; flexoprinting,
  • Stretch foils (LLDPE),
  • Foam polyethylene and protection profiles,
  • Protection foil,
  • Binding belts,
  • Bubble foil,
  • Carton-plastic boards,
  • Absorbable cardboard articles,
  • Special packaging

As we pride ourselves on using specialized packaging materials, this is because they help keep your most valuable shipments secure.

We move furniture, heavy equipment, wholesale warehouses, dealerships, manufacturing plants, digital equipment, sports equipment, warehouse shelves and much more. At the same time, we will help you sort, clean, remove the labels, make light repairs, assemble goods from disassembled elements, pack things in a variety of packaging and many other services for your business.


Reduce the cost and time for transportation for you

Clear structuring and planning of moving services for you

Eco-friendly delivery, storage and cleaning
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